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Your path has brought you here by divine design. 

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Rosemary Reiki Master Teacher

Angel Communicator

GUEST SPEAKING  October 25 at the Grange

Fit Chicks location- REIKI talk open to men and women. Demo,

 and $10.00 coupon for a Reiki session or class for all  prepaid guests! 

[email protected] to arrange payment $20.00.

ART: My friend, Beverly Botelho,

is an artist, poet, writer and friend. 

Please support her art

with your purchase

Sales help her to create.

Add a unique print or original to your collection.

Her art is a a special gift.

Various originals or signed prints are available by request.

Blessings and Light,


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NOVEMBER 8, 2018  7:00-8:15 PM

Need a private intuitive guidance session? 
SCROLL down for and angel communication session.

Special introductory pricing!   $25.00

CONTACT ME  with questions

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I've been using Young Living Oils for 25 years for my family.


Monday, November 12 or Saturday November 3
Long distance healing level. Increase Reiki energy, receive high frequency initiation, learn chair Reiki , use unlock more symbols and abilities, send healing energy over time and distance.
 4X increase of Reiki frequency with this initiation 

Learn Reiki  1 Self-Healing  November 17, 2018 SATURDAY
Learn Reiki 2  Long Distance  *November 12, 2018 MONDAY
tentative date: November 3, 2018 SATURDAY
Learn Reiki 4 Master Teacher        Contact me
Learn more about Reiki    

Need Animal Reiki for your fur baby?
Book with Gina, Reiki Master Teacher  Bee Calm Reiki with Gina 
You must be at Level 2 to take Animal Reiki.

Angel Communication Reading info

Purchase here  I start your reading only after I speak with you.

Gift reading

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